Alvin Chang,HouseCall Physiotherapist(Sydney Univeristy,1993),personally delivering quality home visit.Tel.6743-88-29



Alvin Chang Siang Hee

HouseCall Physiotherapist & Owner,
graduated from Syndey University,1993,
personally delivering quality home visit.

Tel : 6743-88-29 , 6748 4241 ,

He specialises in stroke rehabilitation.
Most importantly, he does not employ any staff and personally attend to the patients.

1993 : graduated from Sydney University.
1993-1994 : Singapore General Hospital
1994-1995 : employed as a traveling physical therapist in the USA, in skilled nursing facilities:
Dallas-Texas, Indianapolis-Indiana, and
Okeechobee- Florida.
1995-1997 : part time sports physiotherapist at Singapore Sports Council and part time house call physiotherapist.
1998- : full-time house call physiotherapist in Singapore.

Licensed to practise in Australia since 1993.
Registrated with Physiotherapy Board of Australia
Registration Number : PHY000-11-53-756

Benefits for the patient:

  1. The patient does not need to travel, hence he will be less fatigued and more focused for his home therapy
  2. Functional therapies are specifically tailored to the patient’s familiar home environment e.g. walking, climbing stairs, other activities of daily living, etc.

Benefits for the caregiver:

  1. Home RehabilitationTM saves travelling time for the caregiver.
  2. More family members can participate in the therapy.

Comprehensive management:

  1. Tailored training and education are taught to the home caregiver.
  2. personalised advice on home modification e.g. toilet wall grab-bars, wheelchair ramps, etc.

Other Value-added Services: (by referral)

  1. Free Home delivery*of home care products e.g. adult diapers, milk, wheelchairs, hospital beds, walking aids, patient lifters, commodes, suction pumps, leg exercisers, transfer belts, pillows, etc.
  2. Customised home modifications(by RADAC approved contractors)e.g.widening of doorframe for wheelchairs, etc.
  3. Home nursing services e.g.changing of feeding tubes, wounds care,
  4. Occupational therapy, podiatry, prosthetic and speech therapy.

Alvin Chang Siang Hee
Tel : 6743-88-29 , 6748 4241


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